Green construction site charter

Green construction site charter

The Green Sites aim at managing the environmental damage generated by the different activities associated to construction site.

Their goals are to better identify the challenges associated to environmental issues on construction sites and to highlight as well technical as organizational solutions to meet them.

A site respectful of the environment is the natural extension of the environmental quality efforts settled during the design of a building. Any construction site generates damage on the close environment, the challenge of a site respectful of the environment is:

  • To limit the risks of damage generated to people living along the site.
  • To limit the risks on workers’ health.
  • To limit proximity pollution during the construction.
  • To limit the amount of construction wastes.

All of that must remain compatible with the requirements linked to the professional practices of building.

CIEL ASCENSEURS is signatory to the green site charter and ensures you a work of quality while respecting your environment.

Link of visualization of our signed green site charter: pdf