Respect of the environment and sustainable development

Respect of the environment and sustainable development

Stairs VS Elevators


First of all, obviously, if you take the elevator in a very busy business building, whether you take the stairs or not won’t make a difference, because the elevator will go up without you.

It is only when an elevator is not very busy that the question arrises : if you take the stairs, then you will save energy. OK, but how much? Isn’t it a long shot? The elevator doesn’t even represent 1% of the CO2 balance. Under 1%, the effort is worthless. And in any case, taking the stairs is really better for your health…

But, regarding urbanism, consuming less is ESSEN’CIEL.

Ciel Ascenseur gets involved in eco-manufacturing by having its range improved to make it even more eco-performing.

Whatever your requirements are, the existing building or « Low Consuming Building », Ciel Ascenseurs gets engaged with you in the respect of the environment and in the sustainable development to preserve the future generations, it’s ESSEN’CIEL.

In order to check the solution and select it according to its real efficiency, we are at your entire disposal.