Senior accommodation plan

Population aging and urban intensification : the elevator, vector

While the population gets older, that cities get bigger, the elevator is a major act of the better living together.

Our three engagements:
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Senior accommodation plan

For the department of Alpes-Maritime, CIEL ASCENSEURS is partner of the General Council for the Senior Accommodation Plan and the adaptation of home by professionals.
Today, eight persons out of ten want to get older at home. However, a housing which is not adapted to seniors can be a dangerous housing. The housing adaptation is a major act of the prevention of the autonomy loss and of the seniors security.

If you want to realize adaptation works at home, we will help you in your project.
We act according to the green construction site charter for a better respect of the residents and the environment.
For the adaptation of your housing, a departmental fund exists, its price is calculated according to your resources and to the price of the works which have to be done.
For more information regarding your eligibility to these helps, you can call a toll-free number : 0 805 56 666 (free from a landline).

The PMR elevator is a secured mean for the crossing of obstacles and also for the access to stages.

Our product ELEV’Ciel is the perfect elevator for the adaptation in a housing. Indeed, thanks to its low size and its big capacity of adaptation can be settled in a stonework sheath and a metallic self-supporting structure. Its low energy consumption is comparable to that of a household appliance.
The product ELEV’CIEL is a PMR elevator especially designed for your autonomy. The adaptation of your housing will make the later more comfortable for your use. It’s also an elevator adapted to handicapped people who have moving problems.

Ciel Ascenseurs, in partnership with the society T&S offers you a complete rehabilitation program of your housing with:

  • Shower or replacement of the bathtub.
  • Support bar (restroom, bathroom and circulations).
  • Flexible ground or anti-slip tile.
  • Widening of the doors or sliding doors.
  • Motorization of a roller shutter.
  • Suspended toilets and modification of the sink.
  • Suspended washbasin.
  • Lever-operated thermostatic mixer.
  • Automatic lighting at the entrance and in the corridors.
  • Elevator for accessibility.