Select the type of elevator

Select the type of elevator

The architectural, environmental, budgetary constraints are factors to take into consideration when you choose the type of elevator.

Selection criteria

The choice criteria in order to be equipped with an elevator mainly depend on :
• The constructive element such as the height of the building, the available space in each floor, the possibility to place a machinery,
• The organizational element such as the type of function of the building, its occupation and its type of functioning while ensuring a performance of comfort and traffic,
• The security,
• The energetic element while considering that the consumption and the power requirements must be limited.

In order to check the solution and select it according to its real efficiency, we are at your entire disposal.

O’CIEL hydraulic elevator

For prestigious panoramic implantations

The hydraulic elevator works with one or several plungers which extend thanks to an eco-fluid respectful of the environment, under pressure.

The hydraulic elevator allows to take into account the esthetic criteria: the cylinders are visible or buried for a direct thrust of the cabin, ideal for panoramic implantations in the self-support tower or glass structures.

The hydropower plants and the electronic maneuver closets are more and more compact and can be placed in technical cupboards.

For the transport of charges of all kinds and dimensions.

The hydraulic elevator offers a big variety of equipments whose capacity can go from a few hundred pounds to many tens of tons.

Modular or totally specific dimensions, the hydraulic elevator is mostly very particular, adapted to the nature of the charges and to the demands of use.

An important charge to move directs the choice of elevator towards the hydraulic technology. This system allows to uplift important admissible charges and meets the concerns of:

Robustness: cabins and doors whose dimensions are important.

Precision of stopping and solidity of the levels : frequent use of the carriages.

Resistance and protection: stainless materials, sealed electric equipments, severe conditions of environment or of cleaning.

 SL’CIEL elevator Without machinery premises

LOGO-BBCThe height of the building limits the choice of technology. Beyond 7 levels, the traction elevator is advised.

In addition to their individual characteristics of capacity and speed, the more sophisticated management of maneuvers ensures a big fluidity of traffic.