Elevator standards

Elevator standards – discover our conformities

There are many standards as regards the elevators. To guarantee you a secured product and in conformity with the French and European elevator standards, CIEL ASCENSEURS has chosen supervising offices.

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Directive Elevators-Goals

Getting a reinforced security, allowing technical innovation and free circulation in the internal market, are the goals of the « new approach » which was settled in the 1990’s within the European Union.

As the elevator is a special machine intended to the transportation of people and which has been existing only since it was settled in construction, a specific European Directive for elevator standards was published on June 29th 1995. This elevator directive n° 95/16/CE was implemented in France by the decree n°2000-810 of August 24th 2000 regarding the placing on the market of new elevators.
The elevators Directive defines « essential security requirements » which new elevators must satisfy: it is not a question of means to respect like before (in the form of mandatory standards), but of results to reach. Then only security requirements are mandatory, and only the elevators which meet the standards can be on the market and can be put into service.
« Harmonized » European elevators standards (that is to say the same for all Member States) offer technical solutions allowing to meet these essential security requirements. These elevator standards are voluntary and constitute, when they are used, a presumption of conformity to the requirements of the Directive (elevator standards of the family EN 81).
The elevator Directive has allowed the emergence of very innovating technical solutions, especially in the category of elevators without machine premises which represents a more and more major part in new installations.


Specialist of the risks control


EC Marking

To attest to the conformity of the elevator to the Directive requirements which concern it, the installer shall affix, under his responsibility, a « EC » marking which must be visible in the cabin.

The « security » components integrated in the elevator (for example locks, parachute) must have themselves a specific EC marking. This reinforced requirement of double marking in the case of the elevator meets a reinforced need of security.
The Directive or elevators standard provides for different procedures for the EC marking directly possible by the societies under quality insurance (ISO certification) or to appeal to a control or a certification by an extern « entitled » organization (« notified » organization belonging to a Member State and appearing on a published list in the Official Newspaper of the European Union).
During the placing on the market, the installer must give to the buyer an owner folder including especially a declaration of conformity of the elevator comprising the name, the address and the number of identification of the entitled organization who proceeded with the evaluation of the elevator conformity, together with technical instructions in French.

The elevators are in conformity with the European Directive 95/16/CE.

The elevators are in conformity with the Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and all our elevator devices are in conformity with the European standards EN-81-41 and EN-81-70.